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Friday, August 27, 2010

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My name is George Neil, a software engineer and a finance planner from kerala, India. I have post-graduated from Kerala University with a masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering and graduated from CUSAT [Cochin university of science and technology] with bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My Field of Interests are QT, C++, OpenGL and of course financial planning.

Its my passion for financial education and financial planning which results in this blog. Now i am practicing financial planning and trying to educate others about personal finance. You can contact me anytime for any query or anything related to Investment, Insurance, Business, Retirement, Tax etc.
I can be contacted at You can also comment on this post or any other post of this blog.

My Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

I started my SIPs with HDFC, IDFC, Reliance.

I have selected 4 funds

1) HDFC Tax Saver – G ( Growth Option ) - Large Cap
2) HDFC Top 200 – G ( Growth Option ) - Large Cap
3) IDFC Premier Equity Plan A – G ( Growth Option) – Mid Cap
4) Reliance Regular Savings Fund – G ( Growth Option) – Multi Cap

All are Equity Diversified 4-star and 5-star rated funds as per

First one is ELSS to save Tax using Section 80C. Both 1, 2 can be considered as Large Cap Funds. 3rd  one is  Mid Cap and 4th one is Multi cap. All are having good track record and are also well managed funds during the last 3/5 years.

Till now its not clear whether DTC will consider ELSS as EEE[exempt, exempt, exempt from taxes]. If government made it EET then I will consider investing into Tax Saver only till March 2011. Any way I am planning to keep HDFC Top 200 for a long time somewhere between 20 to 30 years.

I am using the Investment Ratio as follows
Large Cap 60%
Mid Cap 30%
Multi Cap 10%

So I am balance with reference to investment ratio wise as well as AMC wise. The large cap funds will provide stable growth while the Mid cap funds provides aggressive growth and the Multi cap provides a balanced growth. Altogether my portfolio is Large Cap shifted and hence can be considered as a stable portfolio.

I may be using 3rd and 4th funds for my medium term goals after 5 years and 1st and 2nd funds will be used for long term goals. Since I have 5-20 years time horizon equity will be the best method to invest my money.

So here are my first steps to attain financial freedom. I hope others who have similar objective can get an idea how to invest money from this page.

Happy Investing !!