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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free PDF Editor + PDF Exporter = Open Office

 Most of us are using .pdf format files on a daily basis. Usually we are depending on Acrobat Reader for reading PDF Files. But when we want to edit a PDF file we need the professional version of Acrobat reader. If you cannot afford a professional version of acrobat reader this article is just for you.

I have been using Open office for the last two years. But today only i came to know about the PDF import extension available in Open Office. Here are the steps to prepare your open office to edit a PDF File.

1) Download latest Open office from

2) Download PDF Import extension from

3) Install Open Office and PDF Import extension

4) Restart your computer.

5) Now Try to open a PDF File via File->Open.

You can download Open office and PDF extension for Windows, MacOS, Solaris and Linux. I tried and found this option to be the best free PDF editing Tool.

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